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Biomass Direct Model SL 500 Commercial Heating

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The Biomass Direct wood burning outdoor furnaces are built in the USA and are sold direct to do-it-yourself and professional installers and homeowners. Biomass Direct is unique because we are focused on wood burning outside furnaces. Every day we design, build, deliver and service wood burning outside furnace systems for customers across the country. This is our full time job. Most of the time our easy Self-Install Packages take care of the situation, but we are here to help you take on any furnace system that you dream up - forced air, hot water, radiant floor, existing hot water boiler, replace an existing outside furnace, pressurized, non-pressurized, multiple buildings, pools, hot tubs - we do it all with easy Self-Install systems.

The Biomass Direct Advanced Wood Burning Outside Furnaces (sometimes called an out door wood stoves, outdoor furnace, outdoor furnaces, outdoor wood burners, outdoor wood furnace, outdoor wood furnaces, outdoor wood heaters, outdoor wood stoves, outdoor wood-burning furnace, outside furnace, outside wood burners, outside wood burning stoves, water stove, wood boiler, wood burning furnace, wood furnace, wood furnaces) can take care of up to 100% of your residential or commercial heating needs.

If you have access to free or inexpensive wood, live in a rural area, and are looking for a method to save thousands on your heating bill - an outdoor wood furnace is the perfect choice. Biomass Direct LLC sells the Biomass Direct wood boilers direct to residential and commercial consumers across the nation to heat multiple buildings, hot tubs, pools, greenhouses, domestic water and more. Webutation