Who is Biomass Direct?

Founded by a industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, Biomass Direct is one of the leaders in the field of alternative heating technology. We offer outdoor wood furnaces, in-floor radiant, and solar systems for both residential and commercial use. Every day, we manufacture and assemble our furnaces and packages right here in the USA and deliver them to customers all over the country. We pride ourselves on our 'complete package' system: No boxes of parts or complicated instructions, just one price, one package, and one easy installation.

Our Mission Statement: To manufacture quality alternative heating technologies; create customized, efficient heating solutions for both residential and commercial customers; and ensure quality and satisfaction in all areas of our business.

Industry Leading Technology

Most outdoor furnaces have a very basic design: They use stacks of wood, require extensive cleaning and maintenance, and allow most of the heat to escape up the chimney. Excessive smoke and creosote build-up is considered 'normal' for these furnaces.

Introducing Biomass Gasifire technology, the driving force behind our high-efficiency SL furnace line. No smoke or creosote*, no tubes to clean, little to no heat loss, and best of all, more heat from less wood. See our Features page for more details.

We also offer radiant in-floor heat and solar packages, cost-effective alternative heating solutions which can stand alone, or be combined with a furnace to create a complete heating system.

Buy Direct – Save Money

Every furnace we sell is manufactured right here in the U.S.A and sold factory direct to our customers. This allows us to keep prices low without sacrificing the quality of our product. We employ a team of experienced professionals who assemble and test every package before it is shipped to our customers, and every furnace comes with a 20 year limited warranty. The best product for the best value: That's our guarantee.

Save Time and Frustration with Self-Install Packages

Our self-install furnace packages include absolutely everything needed to install your heating system: No hidden fees or extra parts to buy. All you need is a little mechanical know-how and our detailed instructions for a simple step-by-step installation without the headache. Most customers are able to install their furnaces themselves within 1-2 days, saving the cost of hiring a professional contractor.

Our Simple Radiant and solar self-install packages operate under the same concept of one complete package for one low price. Customers with construction, electrical, or plumbing experience may be able to successfully install these packages themselves; however, radiant floor and solar can be a bit tricker, and may need a professional to ensure correct installation.

Professional System Design

Here at Biomass Direct, helping customers across the country create affordable heating solutions for their home or business is our full-time job. We have a dedicated team who take each customer's individual needs into consideration, and create custom systems tailored to fit their home, business, and budget. Give us a call today to see how we can help create your complete heating solution.

Order or Questions: 1-866-375-9535

A Letter From The Founder

Hello Friends,

I'm a coal miner's son who had his first steak dinner at 18 years old. It was great.

After that steak dinner, I wanted more. In 1975, I started selling the original Fisher Stoves indoor wood stoves throughout the Virginias and Kentucky, eventually branching out into the northeastern states. I was one of 12 salespeople working with Dunn Brothers Fisher Stoves, and together with my 88 dealers, our team sold thousands of Fisher Stoves every month. Bobby Fisher, the inventor of the Fisher Stove, was one of the hardest working men I'd ever met in my entire life. Looking back now, I can appreciate how much those years and experiences shaped my life today.

Through the years, I have worked for different companies within the industry. Most notably, in 2001 I was offered a job with Timber Ridge, Inc. selling their 'Free Heat Machine' line; this company sold outdoor wood-burning furnaces exclusively, and were innovators in the industry. Timber Ridge, Inc. grew steadily from 2001 to around 2006, and somewhere through the years, I obtained a piece of stock in the company. Being a hands-on person, I had a lot of opportunities to design and test new products; I also had the opportunity to sell the product, and deliver directly to homes and businesses across the country. It was a wonderful time: Business was booming and the company was growing. Timber Ridge, Inc. was an innovative leader in the outdoor wood boiler industry, and yet a very small company as you looked at the big picture.

Unfortunately, in 2008 the economy of our nation took a turn for the worse. A few years later, Timber Ridge, Inc. was struggling, and the president of the company decided to close the doors for good. During those trying times, I saw opportunity to take what I had learned and follow my lifelong dream of starting a business in the wood-burning industry. And so I formed Biomass Direct, LLC, a Tennessee-based alternative heating company. Our primary emphasis is on quality products manufactured in the U.S.A., off-the-shelf components, and delivering the 'complete package' to our customers. We offer the next generation of gasification furnaces in our high-efficiency “SL” line, which I developed from the ground up, using my years of experience and technical know-how. We also offer in-floor radiant heat, solar panels, and complete heating solutions based around our outdoor wood boilers.

I'm proud of what Biomass Direct has accomplished. Helping make people's lives better through alternative, affordable systems that fit their heating needs is our number one priority, and my team and I work hard every day to ensure each customer is completely satisfied. Give us a call today, and see why Biomass Direct will become the number one name in alternative heating for your home, pool, barn, and business.

Larry Boyd

- Larry Boyd, President
Biomass Direct, LLC