NEW Smoke-Less Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Gasification Without The Maintenance


Smoke-Less Models:
NEW SL 300, SL 400, SL 500

Specially equipped Biomass Direct Model SL 300, Model SL 400 and Model SL 500 are the most advanced home heating appliance since the discovery of fire. The Gasifire equipped Smoke-Less furnace is environmentally friendly and almost maintenance free.

Gasifire – How it works?

Unlike complicated combustion of other gasification furnaces, the Gasifire pressurizes the firebox and uses pyrolysis to break the wood down to yield charcoal, wood oils, tars and wood gases, the very "ingredients" needed in wood gasification. Higher temperatures in the fire chamber coupled with precision air delivery turn these elements into clean heat, with little to no smoke.

What does this mean?

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Real World Gasification Furnace Comparison

Most Other
Gasification Furnaces
Biomass Direct
Smoke-Less Furnaces
Ash clean-out frequency Weekly Once a Month
Rearranging the ashes for air flow Daily NEVER
Fire tube maintenance & cleaning Weekly No Tubes to Clean
Clogging of the combustion system Common NEVER
Bridging, causing the fire to go out Common NEVER
Requires use of split wood Common NEVER
Use of propane pre-starter Common Not Needed

Save your time, effort, and money! Biomass Direct - Stay Warm For Less!

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Durable Construction

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Exterior Structure

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*When burning seasoned hardwood with 20% moisture or less

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