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Simple Radiant Panels

SIMPLE RADIANT™ is a revolution in in-floor hydronic radiant heating for both in-slab and between joist (staple-up) installations. We sell directly to do-it-yourselfers and building contractors who want to save money and time – while benefiting from the comfort of in-floor hydronic radiant heat.

Our unique systems not only offer a tremendous cost savings over traditional hydronic radiant heat methods, but are “ready to install out of the box” to save you even more in installation costs. SIMPLE RADIANT™ sells direct to home owners and contractors across the nation to heat homes, garages, commercial buildings, and more.

Concrete In Floor Radiant Packages

Everything You Need to Provide Radiant Heat from Your Concrete Floor.*

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Staple-Up Radiant Packages

Everything You Need to Provide Radiant Heat from Your Wood Subfloor.*

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Heat Exchanger Kit

Radiant Floor Heat Exchanger Kit

This Heat Exchanger Kit can be added to any new or existing hot water heating system that requires a separation from the SIMPLE RADIANT™ system. This kit is designed primarily for applications where the SIMPLE RADIANT™ system is connected to a domestic hot water system that supplies both heating and potable (drinking) water. The Heat Exchanger Kit comes standard with a pressure gauge, temperature and pressure relief valve, automatic air purging valve, expansion tank, 175,000 btu/hr stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, with brass and copper fittings, PEX adapters and a bronze circulating pump (suitable for potable water applications). We assemble it, mount it to a powder coated steel back-plate and completely test it prior to shipment. All you do is hang it on the wall, connect your piping and plug the pump into a 110VAC outlet.

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*Not including heat source.